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The Miracle of Your Own Existence

Have you ever experienced your own existence? (Of course you have!) Maybe a better question is–have you ever been conscious of experiencing your own existence?

What's Your Story - Inspirational Post

We begin to tell stories as soon as we become conscious of our own existence. From the first time we hear, “No, no, bad boy!” or “You’re a good girl!” we begin to imitate these first stories and begin to concoct our own.

Final Book Title

"An Imperceptible Spark—Finding the Courage to Live a Life of Joy" (final book title). Look for it this spring. More announcements to come.

From My New Book, “An Imperceptible Spark”

"Like a parent on Christmas Day, whose greatest joy is found in the wide eyes and exuberant squeals of a child, God’s greatest joy is found in you."  

Book title decided. On to layout design. Up till 5 a.m. manipulating code and website templates, but project’s coming together. Lookout!

Recording Audio Book in March

Looks like things are lining up to record the audio version of my book first of March.

Working on getting websites designed and launched…all kinds of exciting things coming down the pike.

More announcements coming in the next 2 weeks!  Stay tuned!